We are on Commentsold

We are on Commentsold

There are one thousand and one things going on over here and we are excited to bring you a fun way to shop with us. 

Grab a beverage, get comfy on the couch and pop on to our LIVE sales. We are on Comment Sold friends! ūü•≥ Woot!! Comment Sold is a platform that allows us to host live shopping events¬†with you. When we post an item that you want, you literally comment "SOLD" during the event and it is added to a cart for you. You can shop from the convenience of your mobile phone. We believe this will make shopping with us even more fun as we bring you sneak peeks, new products all while hanging out with us on video. It's like home shopping network with you the Lucky + Lovely gals.¬†

During our live sales, we will be sharing our top sellers, exclusive new products, & flash sales on our social media starting this Sunday, September 26th at 8p EST. 

Register HERE to be able to snag these items and stay tuned to our instagram for the sale! 

We are excited to kick off the holiday season with you. 

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